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I am a 26-year-old entrepreneur with a BA Business Degree and 6-years experience successfully running my own business in an extremely competitive field. My multitasking, social media & web site design skills have been well tested and proven. I launched my first business, Lauren Marsh Music (LMM), in 2011, and launched my fast growing Calico Cat Media last year. I've grown the LMM enthusiastic customer base to 20,000+ on Facebook, 18,000+ on Twitter, and 7,000+ on Instagram. On Youtube, I have attained over 300,000 Video Views and my original song Dear Love recently exceeded 3.5 Million Spotify Streams. I am recognized as an award winning singer-songwriter, with my original songs placed in indie films and my original song Dear Love featured on the CBS drama NCIS: New Orleans.

Few industries, if any, are as challenging as the music industry is for someone like me, an independent artist without the marketing support of a major music label company. On a competitive basis, consider the challenge just in the online music streaming service of Spotify. Currently there are more than 20-million songs on Spotify that users can select to have on their playlist. Every artist runs social media campaigns and ads to promote their songs. Only artists who have the most effective social media platforms can possible attract customers. My song Dear Love having reached 1.7-million streams and continuing to grow every day is nothing short of a remarkable social media achievement.


I launched Calico Cat Media to share my well-honed social media and web site design skills with businesses that want to significantly enhance their customer’s online experience, increase their base of loyal customers & grow their store traffic. I will be as committed to your web site design and social media customer engagement to the same level I care for that belonging to my LMM business. Being a musician in my work with LMM, I perform primarily at night on the weekends. This leaves me the regular Monday – Friday workweek to run and manage Calico Cat Media. I have received nothing but high praise and positive feedback from my Calico Cat Media customers. I can’t wait to build & launch a social media campaign and/or web site design that will thrill you!